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Arachne's web

Tamika stumbled forward, her sword raised against the onslaught of twigs and leaves. The forest was a whirlwind of chaos, with branches and trees crashing down around her. She could feel the weight of the forest's power bearing down on her, threatening to crush her beneath its weight.

McNeil and Eira were nowhere to be seen, and Tamika called out for them, but her voice was lost in the din of the forest. She was alone, and she knew she had to keep moving.

She dodged and weaved through the trees, trying to avoid the worst of the damage. But it was no use - the forest was too powerful, and she was just a small, insignificant mortal.

As she stumbled forward, Tamika saw a glimmer of light in the distance. It was a clearing, and she could see that it was surrounded by a ring of ancient stones. The stones seemed to be pulsing with energy, and Tamika could feel the power emanating from them.

She stumbled towards the clearing, her sword still raised against the forest's fury. As she reached the edge of the clearing, she saw that it was empty - except for a single figure standing at the center of the stones.

It was Arachne, her eyes fixed intently on Tamika. Her face was twisted into a cruel smile, and Tamika could feel the weight of her malevolent gaze.

Chapter end

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