1/4/1927 to 7/27/2008

Robert E.L. Masters has been, for more than three decades,
Director of Research of The Foundation for Mind Research, which he Co-founded.

He authored or co-authored 25 books and more than 100 papers and articles describing his researches into the varieties of human behavior and potentials.

His works have been translated into many different languages and he has taught and done research in Europe, Africa and Asia as well as the Americas.

He is recognized as a leading pioneer in consciousness research and the human potentials field. He has also published poetry, fiction, essays, literary and art criticism, book reviews, anthology contributions, and Forewords and Introductions to books by authors in many different fields.

Dr. Masters has conducted on-site investigations of trance and psychoactive plant-induced altered states of consciousness in many different cultures and countries.

He has pioneered applications of altered states in education and psychotherapy, as well as in neural, sensory, and kinesthetic re-education aimed at overcoming many different problems but especially at making possible a larger and more productive access to human potentials.

Robert Masters founded and served as President Emeritus of the Association for the Masters Psychophysical Method, a group of more than one hundred teachers trained and certified by him for the work he has created in the field of psychophysical reeducation.

Along with Association members, Dr. Masters engaged in endeavoring to establish Centers for this work in cities across the US, where the intended focus addresses "older people."

Prior to his passing he was also involved in related research and other work to delay the onset of "symptoms of aging" and improve the quality of life of older people.

In addition to on-going work in psychophysical reeducation, altered states of consciousness and other areas long worked with in the context of human potentials (research, educational and other applications), he has initiated experimental approaches to esoteric psychologies and spiritual disciplines.

Dr. Masters is a member of numerous professional, scientific and scholarly organizations including:

American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
American Anthropological Association
American Psychological Association
American Psychotherapy Association
New York Academy of Sciences.

Books Written or Co-authored by Robert Masters (R. E. L. Masters)

Swimming Where Madmen Drown
Sekhmet-Images & Entrances
The Way to Awaken
The Goddess Sekhmet
Psychophysical Method Exercises (Vols. I-VI)
Listening to the Body
Mind Games
Psychedelic Art
The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience
Sexual Self-Stimulation
Sex-Driven People
Patterns of Incest
Prostitution and Morality
Sex Crimes in History
The Anti-Sex
The Cradle of Erotica
Eros and Evil
Forbidden Sexual Behavior and Morality
The Homosexual Revolution


Avoiding Moderation (autobiography)
Adolf Hitler's Daimon (psychospiritual analysis)


Robert Masters is an explorer of not only the contemporary mind but also the mind of history and myth. His extraordinary investigations have taken him through the territories of sex and magic, psychotherapy and psychospiritual practices, psychedelics and symbology. Through the psychic archaeology of scholars like Robert Masters the ancient manifestations of pure energy states are being reawakened so that we can enter the mystery of the untamed."

Joan Halifax, Ph.D.,
anthropologist, author, and spiritual director

"I believe that Masters actually has broken through to a new understanding of the sense and uses of the disciplines of inward-turned contemplation-an understanding that leaves the Freudian schools of technique and theory far behind."

Joseph Campbell,
world authority on myth, author, editor of C. G. Jung

"Masters is a brilliant explorer of human consciousness and the mind/body realm."

Somatics Journal

"Pioneer of modern consciousness research."

Stanislav Grof, M.D.,
psychiatrist, author, pioneer of psychedelic research and psychotherapy

His Neurospeak Method "is a breakthrough discovery that shows us in a very practical way how the word is literally transformed into flesh. We will for the first time understand how information is metabolized into molecules . . . Masters' book (Neurospeak) is a masterpiece that will lead us into a new era."

Deepak Chopra, MD,
metaphysician, author, specialist in mind-body medicine

"Encyclopedic sexual knowledge. . . author of meticulously researched, unusual and daring classics of sexology."

Harry Benjamin, MD,
"Dean of American Sexologists," author, gerontologist and Endocrinologist

"Author of the best book ever written in the very complicated field of psychedelic drug research."

Timothy Leary, Ph.D.,
psychologist, author, and pioneer of psychedelic research

"In my experience, Masters has unequaled understanding of the homicidal sexual criminal."

John Holland Cassity, MD,
Senior Psychiatrist, Criminal Division, Bellevue Hospital, New York City, author of The Mind of the Murderer

"Masters has created a beautifully designed linearly developing series of programs for inducing willing participants to change from their usual states of consciousness to less usual ones. This is the first pioneering work in the area of applying trance states for educational purposes."

John C. Lilly, MD,
author, neurophysiologist and altered states explorer

"Through a combination of solid scholarship, inspiration, and hands-on psychological practice, Dr. Masters has made the ancient concepts (about subtle bodies) broadly comprehensible, perhaps for the first time."

John Anthony West,
Egyptologist, author of Serpent in the Sky

"Masters provides valuable insights and practical formulae for establishing contacts with other worlds, and lucid descriptions of the magical bodies formulated by the Adept who explores them."

Kenneth Grant,
author and foremost authority on magic(k)


Robert Masters, Ph.D. FAACS

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